Grief Support

Our team provides grief and spiritual support tailored to each situation.


We don’t just focus on providing medical care.

We also provide comprehensive grief support services for the family members and close friends of our patients for up to a year after the loss of a loved one. The emotional and psychological consequences of losing a loved one should never be underestimated. Through our grief support services, we hope to help families celebrate the life of a loved one and process any residual feelings of loss.

Grieving usually begins soon after receiving the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness.

As part of the preparatory grief process, patients grieve for the changes that are taking place within their own body, for the loss of the ability to do things they can no longer do, and for the shortened time they have with those they love. Pain and loss are normal parts of life, and grieving is a healthy way of taking care of ourselves.

As part of anticipatory grief, loved ones grieve not only for what they see happening to the patient but also for the emptiness they are already beginning to feel.

Grief is natural. It is our human response to change or loss, and it can be painful. How the pain of grief moves through the body, mind, and soul is unique to each person. Sometimes you don’t know why you feel empty, hurt, or sad, but it helps just to say the feeling out loud and to allow yourself to feel it.

Grieving persons have the right and responsibility to do their grief work in their own way, to interpret their loss, to make choices that are right for them, and to determine the quality and direction of their lives.

Grief has a direct and sometimes adverse effect on job performance, interpersonal relationships, and personal well-being. It is a process that is not completed in a finite period of time. Because of this, our grief care is extended to family members and other significant persons both before and after the death of a hospice patient.

The goal of grief counseling is to facilitate a safe and healing environment for people who are adjusting to a significant loss in their lives. For grief counseling initiated after the death of a loved one, the goal is to enable survivors to discover, and perhaps rediscover, their own support networks and inner resources to continue integrating their loss into a meaningful future.

Grief support services include:

All ages

Our programs are designed for all age groups — children, teens, adults, and senior adults.


Regular correspondence and conversations with a grief counselor.

Customized approach

Short-term individual counseling, including referrals for more intensive therapy when appropriate.

Support groups

We offer both ongoing and time-limited groups that are educational and supportive in nature. They are not intended to be therapy sessions; rather, they are to be times of opportunity for sharing and growth.

Educational forums

Designed for those who want to learn more about coping with their grief in a one-on-one session workshop environment.

Resource library

Our team will provide access to helpful and informative resources.

With you when you need us.

Having a loved one with a life-limiting illness can take its toll on family members who are acting as caregivers and have limited time to care for themselves. Our care team can provide grief and spiritual support, which is tailored to each situation and integrated into our care offerings.

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Life Blooms Eternally

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